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Ai3, Aluminium i3.1 (kit)

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This is a Kit. Unassembled.

Lead time: 3 weeks

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Product Description

Our Ai3 is derived from the Prusa i3 3D printer. The Prusa i3 is a reprap model developed by Josef Prusa. Our aluminium i3 is designed with the thought for ease of assembly, troubleshooting and upgradability. The use of industrial-grade aluminium profiles greatly improves the stability of the i3, and hence enables reliable printing.

The aluminium Prusa i3 kit we offer is at a competitive price relative to other variations of  Prusa i3. We are confident that you will be getting a stable and affordable 3D printer that no one can easily beat.

This Aluminium Prusa i3 kit provides all the parts required for full assembly.
(Tools required are easily found in most local hardware shops)

Assembly instruction link

Technical Specifications:

200 x 200 x 200mm build volume approx.
50 microns layer height achievable
400 x 370 x 370mm printer dimension

Industrial-grade aluminium profile extrusion base and vertical frame
Stainless steel precision guide rods
GT2 timing belts and 16-teeth pulleys
LM8UU linear bearings
M8 stainless steel threaded rods

Bowden extruder with improved hotend set
0.4mm nozzle size
MK2 PCB heat platform
214 x 200 x 3mm glass bed

RAMPS 1.4+Arduino_mega electronics
A4988 stepper drivers
NEMA 17 1.8o stepper motors
Power supply unit

Consumable print material: 1.75mm filament of PLA or ABS

Tools required for assembly:

Hex key set
M5 nut ratchet driver
Long nose pliers
Small half-round file
Small screwdriver set
Small hammer


What other parts do I need to buy to get the printer running?
The kit provides all the parts you need to assemble a fully functional 3d printer. The only things you will need will be the tools.

What is the lead time for the kit?
3 weeks or shorter

 Do you provide the assembly instructions for the kit?
Yes, we do! However, due to the assembly instructions being page- and photo-intensive, it will not be provided as a printed copy.
We have a online version instead, and free for download.
Assembly instruction link


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