3D printers, filament, and accessories

About Us

justprint3d.com is brought to you by SIMPLY ENGINEERING. Basically we are members from SG-RUG [ Singapore Reprap User Group ] and we have being making 3D printers since 2010. Here is a blog created at that time to share with all the work of my 3D printer made in Singapore.

SE (SIMPLY ENGINEERING) has being working on electronics projects for customer at small scale for the past few years. In 2013, I have decided to start justprint3d.com to enable as many people out there to be able to design and make their own printer. That is why we chose to sell the parts for the machine and not just a kit set. (We will also do BTO [Build To Order] service when possible at a later time.)

We are getting in parts at a competitive cost and reasonable quality, to facilitate those who want to build their very own printer. This year 2014, for those who want to have just exciting work done with design and printing on the machine, you can always get the ready-made kit set to start the fun. We are introducing the CUBE printer and Prusa i3 printer in the website soon.

Do drop us a message, comment if you like our work and product here. If you have any questions or query, you can always drop us an email here – lucuslim.sw@gmail.com .